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CCS Technology Group has many years experience in developing, implementing and supporting major projects requiring advanced voice, video, image and data communications solutions.

Our Mission
CCS Technology Group is dedicated to holding, facilitating and licensing one of the greatest breakthroughs in new technology to hit the communications industry worldwide. This technology will provide cost effective, value-added systems available worldwide now, that we could only dream of a year ago. A significant breakthrough for the Medical, Business and Consumer marketplace.

About the Company
CCS Technology Group was formed on June 3, 1999 for the purpose of developing new generation technology, initially, videophones as an upgrade to the standard home and business telephone. Present standard dial-up videophone technology is in need of significant improvements in the quality of the video transmission. That is to say the pictures are, for the most part, choppy, blurry and out of focus. When these pictures are sent down a standard telephone line, they are very slow and “jerky”. On the other hand, the technology developed by CCS will allow the bi-directional transmission of broadcast quality television pictures at a rate of 30 frames per second through a standard telephone line with CD sound quality.

Vision Statement
To provide the next generation technology to the masses.